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@experimental context type representing a trade. To be used with execution systems.

This type currently only defines a required id field, which should provide a reference to the trade in one or more systems, an optional human readable name field to be used to summarize the trade and a required product field that may be used to provide additional detail about the trade, which is currently typed as an unspecified Context type, but product is expected to be standardized in future.


  • The Trade schema does not explicitly include identifiers in the id section, as there is not a common standard for such identifiers. Applications can, however, populate this part of the contract with custom identifiers if so desired.




idobjectYesOne or more identifiers that refer to the trade in an OMS, EMS or related system. Specific key names for systems are expected to be standardized in future.
namestringNoA human-readable summary of the trade, e.g. '100 TSLA @ 290.85 USD'
productProductYesA tradeable product


const trade = {
"type": "",
"name": "...",
"id": {
"myEMS": "12345"
"product": {
"type": "fdc3.product",
"id": {
"productId": "ABC123"
"instrument": {
"type": "fdc3.instrument",
"id": {
"ticker": "MSFT"

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