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Use Cases Overview


Document and ratify business use cases that drive the standards created under the other FDC3 working groups: Intents Working Group, App Directory Working Group, Context Data Working Group, and API Working Group.


The goal of FDC3 is to create standards for desktop application interoperability in the financial industry. For these standards to be successful we need ensure they satisfy a set of foundational use cases and requirements defined and validated by the program participants. These use cases must represent the interop needs of the 40+ members of FDC3 as a sample of the financial industry as a whole. The remaining working groups Context Data, App Directory, Intents and APIs should use the use cases as the basis for each set of standards.

Until this point the existing working groups have focused on the functional requirements for interop standards with specifications based on assumptions of what is required. To ensure that the standards will enable the scalable interop interactions that we want, we need to validate these assumptions. This should not delay the work of the existing working groups, but happen in parallel with the requirements maintained as the program matures.

Unlike the other working groups, 'Use Cases' should provide requirements only not solutions. The requirements and use cases defined should not be specific to a handful of products that are represented within the working group, but apply to the workflows present across the financial industry.

Use Cases diagram

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