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Welcome to FDC3 2.2 (pre-draft)

The mission of the Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) is to develop specific protocols and taxonomies to advance the ability of desktop applications in financial workflows to interoperate in a plug-and-play fashion, without prior bi-lateral agreements.

FDC3 provides an open standard for interoperability between applications on the financial desktop.

This includes standardized verbs to invoke actions between applications (intents), a standardized context data format, a REST-based App Directory standard, and standardized API operations for a Desktop Agent.


FDC3 codifies standard patterns that application developers have been using for cross-application workflows between web and native applications in the financial industry.

For more information, see Why FDC3?

Parts of the Standard

The Standard currently consists of five complementary parts:

Use Cases

From its inception, the standards have been informed by real-world business use cases, which you can view on this website, and form an important part of FDC3.

Who is using FDC3?

The Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) standards are created and used by leading organizations across the financial industry. For more detail on who's using FDC3, developer tools, training and examples, see the community page.

How is FDC3 governed?

FDC3 is hosted within, and governed by the policies of, the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS). FINOS is an independent nonprofit organization focused on promoting open innovation within financial services.

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