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Get Involved in FDC3

Collaborate with the Community

Most FDC3 collaboration takes place in the FDC3 GitHub repository, where you can raise issues, submit pull requests and view meeting minutes.

Working Groups

Participate in the Standard's ideation

The Standard Working Group meets once a month to shape the next version of the Standard: you can find meeting details in the FINOS Project Calendar.

If you'd like to formally enroll as a voting Standard participant, please use this link: to send a templated email email to join the enrolled voting participants group. Please note that standard participants are bound to the provisions as described in the FDC3 Governance document.

Are you using FDC3?

If you are an existing user of the FDC3 Standard, we would love to hear from you: just email the FDC3 General List with details about how you are using it.

We'd also like to list you as a user on our Community page, you can directly send a pull request or contact us (particularly if you need help with legal evaluation of your logo).

General Meeting