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FDC3 2.2 (pre-draft)

Status: pre-draft
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FDC3 aims to provide an open standard for interoperability on the financial desktop. This includes standardized verbs to invoke actions between applications (called "intents"), a standardized data format, an OpenAPI app directory standard, and standardized API operations.

The specifications are informed by agreed business use cases, and implemented and used by leading financial industry participants.

The standard currently consists of five complementary parts:

  • Desktop Agent API: An API interface for working with a Desktop agent, which acts as launcher and message router (broker) for applications in its domain.
  • Intents: A set of verbs that, in conjunction with context data acting as nouns, can be used to put together common cross-application workflows on the financial desktop.
  • Context Data: A message format for passing common identifiers and data between apps to create a seamless workflow.
  • App Directory: A structured repository of information about apps that can be used in an FDC3-enabled desktop.
  • Agent Bridging: An @experimental API interface for the interconnection of Desktop Agents (DAs) such that apps running under different Desktop Agents can interoperate.


This Standard defines FDC3 Version 2.1. The differences between this version and earlier ones can be found in the Changelog.

For more details on FDC3's versioning, deprecation and experimental features policies see the Compliance page.

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