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FDC3 Community

The Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium (FDC3) standard is maintained and used by leading organizations across the financial industry through a variety of different implementations.

For more detail on who's implementing the Desktop Agent (a "Platform Provider"), using FDC3 to enable interop with their apps (an "App Provider") or details on where to find demos, examples apps, training materials and other resources, see below.

Disclaimer: Please note that the majority of platforms, applications and content listed below are not affiliated with, supported, or otherwise maintained by FINOS or the FDC3 project and its maintainers. Please contact the publisher of each entry for more information.

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Bank of Montreal
BMO is a strong advocate for interoperability and is developing multiple internal applications using FDC3. We contribute to the FDC3-related meetings and discussions around the standards, contexts and intents.
Pictet AM smart Desktop
Pictet AM smart Desktop - linking our internal PMS (proprietary), our OMS (Charles River IMS) and various in-house react.js applications implementing FDC3 to share context and intents to provide a streamlined experience for Traders and Fund managers.
UBS uses FDC3 to build their next generation Derivatives Sales and Trading Desktop
UBS Investment Bank are developing their next generation of Derivatives Sales and Trading Desktop using FDC3 from the ground up.

Contributions are predominantly via FDC3 related meetings and discussions around the standards, contexts and intents.