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A collection of settings to start a new chat conversation




PropertyTypeRequiredExample Value
chatNamestringNo'Instrument XYZ'
membersContactListNoContactList - cf. below
messageMessageNoMessage - cf. below
options.groupRecipientsbooleanNotrue: if false a separate chat will be created for each member
options.isPublicbooleanNotrue: the room will be visible to everyone in the chat application
options.allowHistoryBrowsingbooleanNotrue: members will be allowed to browse past messages
options.allowMessageCopybooleanNotrue: members will be allowed to copy/paste messages
options.allowAddUserbooleanNotrue: members will be allowed to add other members to the chat

If members or chatName are not provided, the application executing this intent is expected to provide a means to enter such information.


const initSettings = {
type: '',
chatName: 'Chat ABCD',
members: {
type: 'fdc3.contactList',
contacts: [{
type: '',
name: 'Jane Doe',
id: {
email: ''
type: '',
name: 'John Doe',
id: {
email: ''
options: {
groupRecipients: true, // one chat with both contacts
isPublic: false, // private chat room
allowHistoryBrowsing: true,
allowMessageCopy: true
message: {
type: 'fdc3.message',
text: {
'text/plain': 'Hey all, can we discuss the issue together? I attached a screenshot'
entities: {
'0': {
type: 'fdc3.fileAttachment',
data: {
name: 'myImage.png',

const res = fdc3.raiseIntent('StartChat', initSettings);

// Return a reference to the room
const chatRoom = await res.getResult();

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