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Version: 2.1

Use Case 10: Real-Time voice trades -> trade ticket population


  • Salesperson / Trader / Broker negotiating a trade via voice (over the phone).


  1. User is on a call with a customer.
  2. User conferences in Quote / Trade service.
  3. DURING the call, user dictates trade/quote prefaced by key phrase (e.g. “Confirm…”) to distinguish final quote from negotiation.
  4. Real-time quote/trade transcription service turns audio into structured data breakdown of trade.
  5. Structured quote/trade data delivered to quote trade capture platform, displayed to user.
  6. User may edit details, or correct errors.
  7. User submits ticket to quote capture service.

Interoperability Points

The service which turns voice into structured text and metadata will need to send this data to a separate trade ticket service via FDC3 intents/contexts.

FDC3 Working groups affected

  • Intents Working Group
  • Contexts Working Group