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Version: 2.1


A context representing a period of time. Any user interfaces that represent or visualize events or activity over time can be filtered or focused on a particular time period, e.g.:

  • A pricing chart
  • A trade blotter
  • A record of client contact/activity in a CRM

Example use cases:

  • User may want to view pricing/trades/customer activity for a security over a particular time period, the time range might be specified as the context for the ViewChart intent OR it might be embedded in another context (e.g. a context representing a chart to plot).
  • User filters a visualization (e.g. a pricing chart) to show a particular period, the TimeRange is broadcast and other visualizations (e.g. a heatmap of activity by instrument, or industry sector etc.) receive it and filter themselves to show data over the same range.


  • A TimeRange may be closed (i.e. startTime and endTime are both known) or open (i.e. only one of startTime or endTime is known).

  • Ranges corresponding to dates (e.g. 2022-05-12 to 2022-05-19) should be specified using times as this prevents issues with timezone conversions and inclusive/exclusive date ranges.

  • String fields representing times are encoded according to ISO 8601-1:2019.

    • A timezone indicator should be specified, e.g. "2022-05-12T15:18:03Z" or "2022-05-12T16:18:03+01:00"
    • Times MAY be specified with millisecond precision, e.g. "2022-05-12T15:18:03.349Z"





PropertyTypeRequiredExample Value
startTimestring *No **"2022-03-30T15:44:44Z"
endTimestring *No **"2022-04-30T23:59:59+00:00"

* Fields representing time SHOULD be string encoded according to ISO 8601-1:2019 with a timezone indicator included.

** One of startTime or endTime MUST be specified.


A closed range:

const timeRange = {
type: "fdc3.timeRange",
startTime: "2022-03-30T15:44:44Z",
endTime: "2022-04-30T23:59:59ZS"

Open ranges:

const timeRange = {
type: "fdc3.timeRange",
startTime: "2022-03-30T15:44:44+00:00"
const timeRange = {
type: "fdc3.timeRange",
endTime: "2022-03-30T16:44:44.123Z"

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